How do current public awareness campaigns successfully use social media and visible public participation? What are the inducements and dynamics of participating in a social media campaign? What is the praxis of collecting and archiving of culturally relevant data? {MUST+ACHE} 2014 is a student project for the course Digital Strategies for Museums and Cultural Heritage in Aalto University. Students behind the project are Auri Mäkelä, Bo Kyung Kim, Molly Schwartz, Pouyan Mohseninia and Sara Confalonieri.

Research shows that low cancer awareness may lead to delay in diagnosis of cancer. Communication between the stakeholders – health care organizations and individuals – is important. Awareness is raised through awareness campaigns visible in social media, such as Movember, which originated from Melbourne, Australia in the early 2000s.[2]

“…social media enables connection, communication and collaboration

amongst individuals, which used to be considered very challenging.[1]”

For {MUST+ACHE} 2014 we are tracking five participants’ process of growing a mustache during Movember. The project includes a photo diary, historical insights, and participants interviews, which are also shared in social media for everyone to see. We also hope to examine the ways how identity is constructed with the means of social media, what kind of aspects of their lives people are willing to share, and what does it mean to be a part of a project on a social level.

Mission Statement

  1. Explore how people are motivated to participate in a public health awareness issue, raising civic consciousness.
  2. Document how people engage with a men’s public health issue through social media and pop culture.
  3. Link the cultural practice of Movember with the historical background of moustache.
  4. Explore the question of identity and how it is tied to physical appearance and group belonging, sense of community and group bonding.


[1] Movember Foundation United States. About Movember – Mo History. Retrieved 20.11.2014.


[2] Lapointe, L. Ramaprasad, J. & Vedel I. Collaborating through Social Media to Create Health Awareness. 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences HICSS. 2013. Retrieved 18.11.2014.



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