Pre-Movember Interview: Rasmus

What made you participate in Movember?

First; I was challenged, and I have a hard time to not pick up on challenge. Second, I felt this was for a good cause, which motivated me further. Third, I’m always for things that are fun and postive, but at the same time address difficult issues. The some sadness in happiness, and a bit joy can be found even in the worst situations. Especially the positive seeds are worth treasuring, because they are a way out from the negatives.

What do you think about yourself with mustache?

Um, honestly? It doesn’t fit. It’s not me. But it’s a role I don’t mind wearing for a while.

How effective is Movember in your opinion on a scale of 1-10?

Hard to tell, maybe not that effective to get funds but it’s just as important to raise awareness of issues regarding mens health in general. I think there are several issues in that area that can be improved.

What is your motto of mustache, or do you have a mustache hero?

My motto is “let it grow”. My real hero is the fictional character of Hercule Poirot. I admire a personality with such attention to details. I could never do it myself.

Have you participated in other health awareness campaigns before? (If so, what kind of campaigns were they?)

I’ve been actively involved in many kinds social awareness and fund raising campaigns since I was in school, in different ways. For example HIV campaigns, disaster relief and so on. In various ways, though it was a while since I did it last so this came at a good time.


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